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Let’s have fun in Thailand. “Land of Smile”. Thailand is the well know as the golf paradise of South East Asia. You can enjoy your “Par-fect time” with good quality golf courses around Thailand, in Thailand have Mountain & Beach which you can enjoy for the both side, luxury club house, friendly caddy to take care of you for all 18 holes.

In the other hand is not just only golf, you also can enjoy with the beautiful natural, wonderful culture, friendly smile, else. Now is up on your decision where is the best with suitable for your life style. Take your time to find out which one is the best for you, and let’s full fill your dream vacation. It is not mean you have to chose only one, you can chose more if you have time to go both side of the country, just let’s us know.

ChiangMai & ChiangRai & Myanmar

Chiangmai & Chiangrai are located on the North of Thailand, weather is seem to be cold for the whole year, specially on December, January and February, then the best time to visit North of Thailand have to start from End of October until June next year, the other rest are in the rainy season might not good for golfer, but for the other trip such as sight seeing tour is okay.

They have 6 golf courses around Chiangmai city (not over than 1 hours drive from city), 3 golf courses in Chiangrai, and 1 golf course in Myanmar which you can have one day trip to play golf there or can spend 1 night in Myanmar. Most of the golf courses on the North are mountain and hilly style, very beautiful nature, and fantastic cultural.

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Bangkok & Ratchaburi & Nakornpathom

Bangkok, Ratchabuti and Nakornpathom have over 80 golf courses around!! And most of them are fantastic they are, use to the big tournament, and designed by the well know golf’s designer.  This area is good for the short visit or business trip. You can enjoy golf game & success your business at the same time.

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Pattaya & Rayong

Pattaya & Rayong is the most popular for the golf’s lover. They have at least 50 golf courses in the area, not over than 50 minutes drive. Have 5 star golf course with luxury club house. 3 of the top ten golf course in Thailand are in this area. You will get all you want…Golfing…Mountain…Beach… Shopping…Sight seeing. Under the reasonable price.

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Kanchanaburi & Cha-Am & HuaHin

Kanchanaburi, Cha-Am and HuaHin is the starter of golf in Thailand. Kanchanaburi is the river side with mountain view. Cha-Am and HuaHin are beautiful and quite beach. If you want to run away from city life for a while. This area is the right place to fulfill your need.

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KhaoYai is the well know of National park, beautiful nature and nice steak!! They have 8 golf courses in the are. If you like mountain with green nature you can not miss.

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Phuket & Koa Samui

Phuket & Koa Samui also be the popular for golf and sea surf. They have well know Blue canyon country club which Tiger wood make his name by here. And also with other nice golf courses surround. You will enjoy your time here.

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